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About Merge

Our Vision & Mission

Continuous improvement and the progression of organic agriculture through collaboration and the implementation of advancements in strategy, technology, and agronomy.

At Merge Organics, our mission is to enhance the adoption of sustainable, regenerative, and organic production systems through the integration of strategy, sustainability management, and validation of field level practices. Through planning and implementation of the Merge Organics platform, our clients will experience top of the line support and consulting services.


Ben Adolph

Ben Adolph

Ben is a graduate of Aurora University (’05), where he studied biology, chemistry, and human health. A few years after college, Ben moved back to rural northwest Illinois to take on responsibilities with the family farm. Since 2010 he has managed the farm with his dad and brother, transitioning from a high input conventional tillage operation to a cover crop, no-till, minimum nitrogen model.

Prior to Merge, Ben spent eight years leading sustainability for a Midwest based crop nutrient company, while also focusing on data analytics, land valuation, and crop modeling. Ben co-founded Merge Organics to provide stakeholders in organic agriculture with an efficient, profitable, and tested strategy to re-establish ecosystem services at the field level.

Ben’s key objectives for Merge Organics:

  1. Provide field-level transparency to supply chains and consumers of organic food.
  2. Leverage the farmer’s ability to establish regenerative systems and add revenue to their operation.