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To make organic and non-GMO goods more accessible to everyone, Mercaris offers online trading and accurate and timely agriculture commodity pricing, which empowers better decision making and drives greater efficiencies.

As part of our partnership with Mercaris, Merge Organics is pleased to extend to you access to Mercaris' bi-weekly Organic Producers Report and Farmer Plan. To access your complimentary plan, set up an account HERE and enter promo code, MERGEORGANICS. You will receive Mercaris' Organic Producers Report twice per month, and will be able to download the PDF version by logging into your Mercaris account.

The purpose of this report is to make it easy for you to keep a pulse on organic pricing trends and make the best market decisions. Thank you for being a valued member of Merge Organics and welcome to Mercaris!

If you have any questions as you access your new plan, please do not hesitate to contact Mercaris Director of Sales Alex Heilman at at 347.522.0631.