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Assured Partners Agribusiness

At Assured Partners, our agriculture industry specialists have a vast amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to risks associated with traditional agriculture businesses, food growing and processing businesses, and farm operations. We'll review and asses your insurance program and risk management needs to help protect your business against these risks and protect your bottom line. We pride ourselves on our ability to thoroughly review your exposures, without overlooking or underestimating any potential threat of interference to your business. Our close ties with this industry allow us to stay apprised of the constant changes you face. We fully invest ourselves in the industry and the success of our clients.

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Carbon Now Program

A globally recognized program helping U.S. farmers get carbon credits for using practices that are better for the planet, people and profit

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Hi Fidelity Genetics

Hi Fidelity Genetics was founded in 2014 by two Ph.D. plant geneticists, Philip Benfey and Spencer Maughan, who saw high seed costs with large margins as an opportunity to disrupt the industry by using advanced genomics and machine learning combined with a deep understanding of root biology.

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Locus Ag

Award-winning green solutions proven to:

  • Supercharge the removal of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the soil
  • Maximize crop yields while reducing costs

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The development of sustainable agriculture is at a critical point. While some resources are in place to educate consumers, address public policy, and support scientific research on sustainable agricultural crops, far less emphasis has been placed on the market infrastructure upon which participants, from producers to retailers, depend.

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Merge Marketplace

Merge Marketplace is a platform designed to connect organic producers with buyers of organic products and landowners with organic farmers to transition their land to organic or continue farming it organically.

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Nature Safe

Manufactured from high quality plant and animal proteins, Nature Safe Fertilizers provide a complete, predictable release of nutrients that feed beneficial soil microbes. Healthy soil enhances disease and water management while promoting overall plant vigor and increased harvest. Fertilizers for vegetables, fruit, grain, hemp and nuts are available in formulations and quantities to support organic and conventional farms.

Nature Safe Organic Fertilizers are manufactured in dry pelleted, liquid and dry flowable formulations for ease of application to help you grow your business from the soil up.

Available for commercial use in bags, totes, bulk and custom blends.

Project Farmhand Logo

Project Farmhand

Project Farmhand is a comprised of a diverse group of leaders in the organic farming industry. Members of this project have worked to solve organic farm operator challenges by creating the process to identify, train, and support emerging organic operators specifically for investors of ag land to be transitioned to organic.