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Our System


  • Organic transition plans
  • Multi-year agronomy plan
  • Includes crop plan, nutrient recommendations, soil sample analysis and crop protection plans
  • Organic product technical guidelines, including tech sheets and supporting documents
  • Merge Marketplace Membership
  • Pricing and opportunities to grow higher-value crops
  • Present and future equipment needs


  • Field- & farm-level initiatives
  • Aid farmers in determining best approach toward achieving sustainability goals (i.e. incorporating regenerative practices)
  • Support data collection for activities related to sustainability reporting (i.e. fuel & labor usage)
  • Implementing continuous improvement models for ag land
  • Conservation plan, soil quality improvement (SOM, air & water), productivity
  • Utilize reporting for carbon market payments
  • Understanding benefits of carbon sequestration on climate initiatives


  • Build Farm traceability database
  • Support validation of CarbonNOW
  • Clean, analyze, and report farm data to all stakeholders
  • Support land purchases with open-source data reports.

Full Farm Support

  • All services, as listed above